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VHS tapes

Converting VHS Tapes to DVD Using a USB TV Tuner

You can use a USB TV tuner to transfer VHS video tapes from a VCR to your computer very easily. Once the videos have been copied to your computer you can burn them to a DVD using a DVD burner. Even if … [Read More...]

Laptop TV tuner with antenna

Choosing a Laptop TV Tuner

Factors to consider when choosing a laptop TV tuner or USB TV tuner include: 1. What computer it will used with Do you plan on using the tuner with different computers?  If so, a "stick" style … [Read More...]

USB laptop TV tuner

USB TV Tuner for Laptops

A USB TV tuner is essentially an HDTV tuner for your computer. If your computer has a decent monitor and video card the picture quality and sound quality are very good. A USB TV tuner also turns your … [Read More...]

USB TV Tuner Reviews

Silicon Dust

SiliconDust HD Homerun Tuner Review

The SiliconDust HD Homerun is similar to USB TV tuners in that it allows you to watch over the air and cable or satellite TV on your computer but it works differently and that is what makes this the … [Read More...]

Pinnacle tuner

Pinnacle USB TV Tuner Review

In January 2009, Avid, makers of the Pinnacle line of TV tuners for personal computers sold that line of business to Hauppauge. Hauppauge now markets Pinnacle tuner products under the name PCTV … [Read More...]

PCTV tuner

PCTV USB Tuner Review

In January 2009, Hauppauge (see Hauppauge USB TV tuner review) bought the Pinnacle line of TV tuners for personal computers from Avid. Hauppauge now markets the former Pinnacle line of tuners under … [Read More...]